SketchFlow UI+UX Prototyping Tool

SketchFlow UI+UX Prototyping Tool lets you:

rapidly turn your ideas into effective prototypes
engage clients early in the design process
enable effective client review and feedback
take your ideas from concept to finished project

SketchFlow, a feature of Expression Studio Ultimate , revolutionizes how quickly and efficiently you can demonstrate your vision for an application. It provides an informal and quick way to explore, iterate and prototype user interface scenarios, allowing you to evolve your concepts from a series of rough ideas into a living and breathing prototype that can be made as real as a particular client or project demands. This rapid, iterative and cost effective approach to user interface prototyping allows you to concentrate on what matters most, being creative and building the best solution for your client, on time and within budget.

The mission of the Expression team is to help designers to create great user experiences and SketchFlow is a new set of tools for Expression Blend to create sketches and prototypes of interactive content and applications, giving Blend a new role in pre-production and design phases of the development process.

Learn more about it at http://www.microsoft.com/expression/products/sketchflow_overview.aspx

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