Don't be a dick and learn by doing

Concept: Learn by doing

It appears that many developers are very comfortable with the reading portion of learning, but  stay there too long and never get around to creating something.

This seems to be common for a lot of people, who obtain a wealth of "lecture" experience but very little time spent doing something with that knowledge.

When you try to figure out why, you usually get the excuse: No time!

Don't be a dick! The only way to prove and confirm that your knowledge works is doing something with it, by doing is the only way to check all that knowledge is not wrong.

We need to do something with that knowledge even if what we build is entirely useless(probably) to the world, our creation has a value, because remember :  Practice makes the master!


This is why we use earphones at work, bitch!

“A moderate level of noise enhances creativity compared to both low and high levels of noise. Moderate background noise induces distraction which encourages individuals to think at a higher, abstract level, and consequently exhibit higher creativity.”

But not every noise helps us to enhance our creativity. 
As you can see in this paper (check source), a moderated (70dB) ambient noise enhances performance on creative tasks.

Now, i just need to figure how to sell this to my boss....

Is Noise Always Bad? Exploring the Effects of Ambient Noise on Creative Cognition

Be Practical! Don’t plan too much for the future!

Just a tip, the one that I rely on the most of the time i can. 

Be practical! If you have no current requirements, don’t introduce complexity into your application for it now. Don’t write code for anything you don’t already have requirements for!

Too many times, in an effort to avoid future enhancement problems, we try to plan for everything. 

Even though you might need a someday support mobile devices or live in the cloud, if you have no current requirements, don’t introduce complexity into your application for it now. 

Just  use a layered design, try to do your best when writing the code , and embrace refactoring, you will be able to incorporate future requirements without a major overhaul.

Of course, this sounds nice in a post, but the real world is a different history, just try to keep in mind these words to avoid as much as possible the hell!


You have what is necessary? Ignore The Mobile Trend If You Dare!

“Mobile” is the word on everyone’s lips these days, as consumers increasingly turn to their mobile phones, it is critical for all businesses to understand the range of “mobile conversions” that can occur.

More and more potential customers are going online everyday to check out latest deals and reviews as part of their decision-making process, which means that your businesses online visibility and presence on mobile is a vital point of contact.

Mobile search in particular. The growth levels of search through smart devices have eclipsed all past search growth trends and provides a big opportunity to all businesses with an online element.

Google studies have shown that mobile searches is a lucrative opportunity to be seized by any businesses. In partnership with Nielsen, Google analyzed over 6000 mobile searches and the actions that resulted, drawing precise and measurable connections between mobile searches and the online and offline conversions that they drive.

As always, first impressions are very important, and as mobile is fast becoming a businesses first introduction to their customers, businesses need to provide their mobile visitors with mobile-centric information and show that they value and respect their visitors.

In resume : Mobile must be an integral part of the online strategy of every businesses.

Source : http://www.google.com/think/research-studies/creating-moments-that-matter.html


[X].[Y].[Z] The rules of Semantic Versioning to fight the dependency hell

As you probably know, in systems with many dependencies, releasing new package versions can quickly become a nightmare. 

As a solution to this problem, was born: Semantic Versioning Specification (SemVer)  

SemVer, a set of rules to help us to fight the dependency hell.

According to http://semver.org
Those rules impose a versioning scheme [X].[Y].[Z] that can be summarised as follows:

[Z] If a patch release includes bugfixes, performance improvements and API-irrelevant new features, [Z] is incremented by one.
[Y]If a minor release includes backwards-compatible, API-relevant new features, [Y] is incremented by one and [Z] is reset to zero.
[X]If a major release includes backwards-incompatible, API-relevant new features, [X] is incremented by one and [Y], [Z] are reset to zero.

If all of this sounds desirable, all we need to do to start using SemVer is to declare that we are doing so and then link to this website: http://semver.org/  from our README,CHANGELOG or whatever, so others know the rules and can benefit from them.

Thats all, happy fight!

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